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Sa North Diversion Road

I liked this film because of the well-written script and the brilliant acting done by John Arcilla and Irma Adlawan. The movie was very entertaining and at the same time, artistic. The actors portrayed ten different personalities riding a car, at most of the time. I liked that this film paid attention to minor details such as the design of the car, accessories of the character’s clothing and music in order to bring out the personalities of the characters. The movie was definitely an emotional roller coaster ride. I can’t point out anything negative about the film. It is what it is and I am entertained by it and also appreciate it aesthetically. My favorite personalities were the ones who turned to silent treatment, the couple who cussed and shouted a lot and the last husband and wife who were very emotional. I liked the silent treatment because the actors were successful in bringing out their dislike for one another simply with their gestures. I was also amused with the couple who both started and finished their lines with cussing. Watching their hatred towards each other was painful, but still you can’t ignore the fact that their acting was brilliant. The most emotional in the movie for me was the final couple. The husband was crying and was showing remorse while his wife forgave her husband. All she wanted was for him to be happy because she will die soon. I was very touched in this scene. I appreciate the movie very much. I think that entertaining and quality films such as Sa North diversion is what the local film industry needs to regain its dignity.

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